Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mood change project

Week 10
This clip is part of our 1st term assessment. We had to show the change of mood of one character by his walk. Work in progress.

4 leggs walk

Week 9
This is becoming more complex every week, more body elements to be aware of.

3D walkcycle

Finally a 3D walkcycle.
Rig downloaded from by Ian Jones


Week 6
This character supposed to be an hybrid between Scarface and a fangtooth fish. This particular fish moves quite frenetic, is not the common relaxed and soft fish behavior.

Week 6 Birds.


Week 4
More walks, an "standar" walkcycle and a kind of fat sumo walk.


Week 4
My first attempt to make a lifting.

Follow trough

Week 3
Some technical exercises but basic and relevant understanding of tails, ropes etc movements.

1st Walks

Week 1
This is like learning to walk, our first attempts are rubbish. So, here you got my firsts 2D walks.

About this Blog

I´m just starting this blog to post animations and other stuff from my Character Animation course at Central Saint Martins. You´ll find some technical clips and maybe not so interesting stuff as... "bouncing balls" and "follows through" exercises, but I´ll try to make more interesting animations.
Hope you like it and if you want to say something, criticise or make a suggestion please feel free to write as much as you want.

Nt. Para mis familiares y amigos, escribo este blog en ingles esperando pueda ser leido de manera mas global, pues es mas común que los hispanoparlantes lean inglés a que los angloparlantes entiendan español. Espero les guste. Un abrazo.

Daniel Arce

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bouncing Balls

Week 2.
Study of balls behavior. 2D and 3D balls.